Strengths Coaching

Benjamin Smith is a certified Strengths Coach through Strengths Strategy and has over 50 hours coaching experience.  Strengths coaching is specifically for people who have taken the Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment.

What are Strengths?

According to Gallup, it is “The ability to consistently produce a positive outcome through near-perfect performance, in a specific task.” Everyone has a different combination of Strengths that contribute to how they do their job and relate to other people.  The Strengths Finder Assessment is designed to help pinpoint what unique combination of Strengths you possess.

I know my Strengths – now what?

Once you have received your Gallup report, you may be perplexed as to what it means and what to do with it.  This is where Strengths Coaching comes in.  Coaching is able to take you from that place of just getting by to excelling and meeting the goals you would like to achieve in your work and relationships.  Coaching consists of 1 hour meetings either by phone, Skype or in person, once a week for 3 months.  It can be extended but is not intended to be long term – it is just enough to get you up and flying in the right direction and learning how to use the tools available to you.

FREE first consultation

If you are interested in a trial coaching session, let me meet with you for the first hour for free to see if it is something that you would like to pursue.  I am convinced you will find great value in learning how to articulate your strengths and flex them in a way that gives you greater job satisfaction, greater purpose and focus as well as more fulfilling personal and professional relationships.  Please contact me through the “CONTACT” link at the bottom of this page and schedule your first meeting.