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Intercultural Training companies:

  • AFS Intercultural Summer Academy – The Intercultural Summer Academies are a unique intercultural learning opportunity for students and young professionals to develop an intercultural perspective and raise awareness for otherness.
  • Blue Sky – enables companies to successfully expand their foreign operations.
  • Caux Initiatives of Change – Independent Swiss foundation that runs and maintains the conference centre of Initiatives of Change in Caux.
  • Commisceo Global – Increasing the peace through cultural awareness
  • Communicaid – Leaders in Intercultural and International Business Communication
  • Cross Cultural Solutions – Organizes, facilitates and conducts volunteer abroad opportunities.
  • Culture Alchemy – Viara Richter, Intercultural Trainer, Coach & Consultant supporting people and organisations to manage and embrace cultural diversity.
  • Culture Mastery – agents of cultural understanding…[to] help you attain a higher level of cultural awareness and competence.
  • Cultural Chemistry – HR Consulting; Cultural Chemistry provides experience and in-depth knowledge for managing people. We can navigate employment compliance issues and build human resources processes that will reduce staff turnover and increase profitability.
  • Cultural Concierge – Amanda Workman is a Global Nomad whose passion for people and cultures have given her a unique perspective on Global competency, cross-cultural nuances and training internationally.
  • Cultural Detective – a dynamic tool system that develops invaluable competence in individuals and organizations.
  • Cultural Intersections – CI provides strategic cross-cultural consulting services helping people and organizations reach their highest possible potential.
  • CultureQs -a Change and Integration Accelerator that that uses powerful Questions to inspire participants to reflect on the foundations of their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours.
  • Culture Voyager – Cross-cultural training for business, ex-pats & non-profits
  • DFA Intercultural Global Solutions -provides intercultural global solutions and products for organizations and business travelers needing the cultural competencies to succeed in today’s globalized world.
  • Deep SEE Consulting – provide diversity and cultural competency training customized to the needs and goals of your organization.
  • Dialogin: Culture Communication – A knowledge community on culture and communication in international business.
  • Diversity Resources (Erich Toll)/ Cross Cultural Training Videos –  is the leader in cultural training and educational tools.
  • Diversophy – Diversophy® is an interactive learning game designed to develop the global & local competence you need to find opportunities and meet challenges, as well as handle conflicts and crises in multicultural collaboration and living situations.
  • Global Integration – Innovative, practical ideas, consulting and training to help people lead and succeed in complex companies.
  • Globalminds – Global Minds ofrece servicios de gerencia de proyectos, consultoria y entrenamiento en temas de mercadeo, servicio, interculturalidad, competitividad y transformación cultural, así como ayudamos a empresas que deseen entrar en el mercado Colombiano y que necesiten apoyo en mercadeo, realización de alianzas estratégicas y entendimiento de la cultura colombiana.
  • Globaleyes- Cross Cultural and Global Soft Skills Training – Focused intercultural skill-building programs.
  • ICA – Institute of Cultural Affairs – a global community of non-profit organisations advancing human development worldwide.
  • Indialogo Training of Trainers – (site in Spanish) Offers services for Human Resources in Spain and internationally, working in Spanish, English and German.
  • Intercultural Alliances – Intercultural Alliances (ICA) helps your global organization reach its highest potential by connecting cultures to foster growth and productivity.
  • Intercultural Communication Institute – offers resources for intercultural, cross-cultural, multicultural, international, and diversity and inclusion training and education.
  • Intercultural Development Research Institute – To contribute to a constructivist definition of the field of intercultural communication and to support continuing and new research in intercultural development
  • Invisible Culture – Invisible Culture is a consulting firm that provides customized cross-cultural training, coaching and strategy development to multinational organizations that want to maximize the potential of their work force.
  • Kwintessential – Helping you achieve your Global potential through quality translation solutions.
  • LTS Training & Consulting – mission is to help our clients communicate more effectively across language and cultural borders. We do this by providing English language training and intercultural training, either at our training centre in Bath or at clients’ locations worldwide.
  • Language and Culture Worldwide – makes the world a better place by inspiring professionals to connect across cultures.  Offers training, translation and consulting services that inspire professionals to connect across cultures.
  • MTMConsulting– We deliver quality coach and trainning, we don’t want you to waste your time or your money. We’ll help you  to prepare your Project Management test for the Project Management certification (PMP® certification) to get it at your own pace. (In SLC, UT)
  • Reina D’Hoore – Coaching & Arte  – (site in Spanish) purpose is improve the quality of life and accompany those that need to make a change to reach the best version of themselves through artistic tools, searching out and creating new personalized forms of expression for each person, …coming from experience, responsibility and freedom.
  • RW3 Cultural Wizard – gain Cultural Wisdom through Engaging, Interactive Cross Cultural Training Programs online and in-person.
  • SALTO Youth European Programmes – stands for Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities within the Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme, the EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.
  • Sundaebean – Cross-Cultural training for your international life
  • TMA World – From New York to New Delhi, from Tokyo to Toronto, each year we deliver over 3000 learning solutions in 5 continents and 14 languages both virtually and face-to-face.
  • Transcultural Group – a premier consulting firm that provides high quality learning programmes, including workshops and customised cultural experiences to those in search of traditions, values and excellence. (Noblesse Oblige)
  • TsaiComms: Intercultural Tools for Business Success
  • US DK Expats – Page for expats from Denmark in the US with additional general cultural information
  • UrbanBound – Relocation software:  We believe in challenging the status quo within the relocation industry.
  • Waves of Identity – Rita M. Brown, Coaching & Intercultural Training

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