How to Travel While Working

This week’s post is from BREANDEN BENESCHOTT – CO-FOUNDER / COO @ TOPTAL. This article provides some practical, real-time POV from a tech start-up COO shedding light on what life is like in the fast-paced world of 21st Century Tech Engineers with the nuts and bolts of exactly how he does it.  Thanks to Irina Papuc and […]

A Pedestrian Culture

I walked 500 miles across Spain. At least. That doesn’t count going to the store, the dentist, around the park, back and forth to work, to the library, visiting friends, and more; which easily added up to another 500 miles. The first 500 miles I refer to was along the Camino de Santiago. It is […]

How do I adjust?

I love the scene in any classic tale when the hero receives the dramatic call to action and is told by the wise mentor, “assemble your team.” At that point, the motivation that the hero feels coalesces with the vision that he or she has carte blanche on his or her destiny. They can select […]