The Greek Debt Crisis Explained

 Thanks to SOLON MOLHO, finance expert, for this thumbnail sketch of what’s going on in Greece and how things got to where they are now in 2017. This kind of insight provides valuable cultural information helpful to everyone, not just those working in finance, which is why Broad Imagination includes it proudly on our blog. A link […]

The Complete Guide to Cross Cultural Design

Obrigado, JÔNATAS VIEIRA, Freelance designer,  for this article on cultural awareness in digital design. He provides a timely application of Trompenaars and Hofstede’s cultural models to a realm not often thought of as applicable. This article has been edited for length and clarity and the summarized version has been published with the permission of @TOPTAL  You can see the […]

Boundaries, Borders and Bridges

With all the talk of walls, fences, barriers and borders, interculturalists are awakened to the need to define culturally appropriate boundaries. Boundaries protect and identify. Boundaries serve as a liminal space between cultures that require negotiation. Many of us negotiate boundaries on a daily basis with such ease that we are barely aware we are doing […]

How to Travel While Working

This week’s post is from BREANDEN BENESCHOTT – CO-FOUNDER / COO @ TOPTAL. This article provides some practical, real-time POV from a tech start-up COO shedding light on what life is like in the fast-paced world of 21st Century Tech Engineers with the nuts and bolts of exactly how he does it.  Thanks to Irina Papuc and […]

To Interpreters:  This is why you rock (part 2 of a 3-part series)

A key player in the field of intercultural communication is the interpreter.  Interpretation is a thankless profession often because those who do their job well seamlessly facilitate communication between people who otherwise could not communicate.  We take for granted the skill of multilingualism because of amazing advances in technology.  But, technology has a long way […]