Boundaries, Borders and Bridges

With all the talk of walls, fences, barriers and borders, interculturalists are awakened to the need to define culturally appropriate boundaries. Boundaries protect and identify. Boundaries serve as a liminal space between cultures that require negotiation. Many of us negotiate boundaries on a daily basis with such ease that we are barely aware we are doing […]

How to Travel While Working

This week’s post is from BREANDEN BENESCHOTT – CO-FOUNDER / COO @ TOPTAL. This article provides some practical, real-time POV from a tech start-up COO shedding light on what life is like in the fast-paced world of 21st Century Tech Engineers with the nuts and bolts of exactly how he does it.  Thanks to Irina Papuc and […]

Being Cowlitz: A Book Review

(I am posting this review of a book I just finished reading because I believe it provides a masterful example of cultural values — particularly those of land and language, and how they affect identity. I anticipate there will be more reviews as I read books, see movies and experience art that I will single out […]

Broad Imagination

Broad Imagination is all about intercultural training, consulting, coaching, friending, finding, relocating, working remotely, researching, advising, probing, dipping, investigating, testing, ideating, scoping, viewing, practicing, patriating, learning and wondering.  We are excited to begin this journey!