The Greek Debt Crisis Explained

 Thanks to SOLON MOLHO, finance expert, for this thumbnail sketch of what’s going on in Greece and how things got to where they are now in 2017. This kind of insight provides valuable cultural information helpful to everyone, not just those working in finance, which is why Broad Imagination includes it proudly on our blog. A link […]

Become A World Class Designer By Making The Globe Your Office

 Thanks to DANIELLE REID – FREELANCE DESIGNER @ TOPTAL for this article on how travel and acquiring a cultural context enhances digital design. Thanks also to Irene Papuc for the reliable connection @ TOPTAL! #Design #Hashtagthinking #UI #UserExperience #UX Great design has a knack of perfectly guiding us to a delightful result. It encompasses a whole experience as we interact with a […]

The Ultimate Remote Team Culture

 Thanks to TASO DU VAL – CEO @ TOPTAL for this article on bringing a world-wide team of remote software engineers together with a cultural and cost analysis. There are intriguing details about this trip about which you can read more here. Thanks also to Irene Papuc for tireless connection @ TOPTAL!  ——– At Toptal, we’re building a software product that […]

Boundaries, Borders and Bridges

With all the talk of walls, fences, barriers and borders, interculturalists are awakened to the need to define culturally appropriate boundaries. Boundaries protect and identify. Boundaries serve as a liminal space between cultures that require negotiation. Many of us negotiate boundaries on a daily basis with such ease that we are barely aware we are doing […]

How to Travel While Working

This week’s post is from BREANDEN BENESCHOTT – CO-FOUNDER / COO @ TOPTAL. This article provides some practical, real-time POV from a tech start-up COO shedding light on what life is like in the fast-paced world of 21st Century Tech Engineers with the nuts and bolts of exactly how he does it.  Thanks to Irina Papuc and […]

Bootstrapped: Building A Remote Company

This week’s post is from  JAN SCHULZ-HOFEN – FOUNDER & CEO @ PLANIO.  His live-from-the-front experience on the value of “traveling, learning and engaging with people from different cultures” dovetails precisely with Broad Imagination’s mission and vision. He speaks to navigating the “unspoken rules of behavior” that benefit global teams seeking to establish trust through […]