Benjamin Smith, PhD is a certified Strengths Strategy™ coach based in Salt Lake City, UT and conducts workshops, training sessions and consulting appointments to improve intercultural communication and collaboration.  While he excels at group training and classroom settings, he believes the most meaningful work is done one-on-one.

A seasoned traveler and educator, Dr. Smith carries 20 years of experience in international education and the Study Abroad field.  He approaches intercultural communication by helping clients understand the roots of language acquisition, culture-shock, xenophobia, separation anxiety, and homesickness among a host of other challenges and opportunities that arise when cultures come into contact.  These experiences are not unique to college students on study abroad trips, rather they occur with increasing frequency in international business and industry. Unfortunately, a large percentage of assignments abroad fail due in part to lack of acculturation. Working with a variety of clients – from global executives in multinational companies to employees given assignments to work with someone whose culture they don’t understand –  individuals experience success when they are more aware of their own cultural identity. Dr. Smith helps individuals overcome their anxieties and achieve successful intercultural objectives by adopting a healthy cultural self-identity and utilizing constructive communication habits.

Contact Benjamin Smith using the link at the bottom of the page or directly via email at: benjamin@broadimaginationllc.com or call : (307)630-1189 to schedule training for your organization.  We guarantee that your organization will react positively to a few simple discussions on intercultural communication.

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